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ARoS is located in the heart of Aarhus and has entrances from Aros Allé / Vester Allé and via Officerspladsen. Only access to ARoS via Aros Allé / the car park due to the upcoming expansion of the museum. The entrance can be reached by stairs or the elevator for people with walking difficulties.


Transport options


A 10 minute walk from the train station.


ARoS has 79 own parking spaces on ARoS Allé and free parking for handicapped and two spaces for busses. The entrance to the Aros Allé takes you behind Musikhuset Aarhus at the Scandinavian Center Aarhus. The free parking spaces for handicapped is located at the end of Aros Allé just below the museum "stomp", which is the official entrance to the north. The elevator leading up to the museum is located under the stairs. All ARoS parking spaces are provided with Park Zone signage and is marked in blue - the same blue color as the ARoS and Parkzones parking meters. Parking tickets purchased in the Musikhuset Aarhus machines can NOT be used in ARoS 'parking spaces.


By bus: A 10 minute walk from the bus station, but plenty of bus stops are also located along the streets near the museum.

Charging stands

ARoS has two charging stands from Clever, each with two “type 2” charging. In addition, free parking is available for charging electric cars outside the museum's opening hours. Bring your own charging cable