Café and Orangery

Opening hours


Niv. 4

The café at ARoS Marked offers coffee, tea, snacks and light dishes.


10 am - 12 am

The Orangery's Brunch

kr. 125.-

  • Sourdough bun with butter and Danish farmer cheese
  • Homemade jam from berries of the winter
  • Yogurt with oats granola and apple compote
  • Organic egg and “Troldgaarden” bacon
  • A little sweet treat
  • Fresh-brewed coffee or tea

Home baked goods

From 10 am

Carrot bun with butter

Kr. 30.-

Vegan chocolate bars from Social Foodies

Kr. 25.-

Sourdough bun with butter and Danish farmer cheese

Kr. 50.-

Double baked almond and pumpkin seed croissant

DKK. 30


Kr. 26.-

Today’s cake

DKK. 40.-

Light dishes

From 10 am

Rye bread with organic sausage, red cabbage and mustard

DKK. 60.-

Rye bread with warm smoked salmon, lemon mayo and crisp roots

DKK. 60.-

Vegan salad with baked beetroots, winter cabbage, fermented cabbage, miso dressing and sprouts

DKK 75.-

Salad with today’s fish, beans, carrots and peanut butter

DKK. 85.-

Lunch - served with sourdough bread

From 12 pm - 4.30 pm

Homemade marinated herring, curry cucumber, pickled onions, grilled lemon mayo and crisp malt

DKK. 95.-

Dried duck breast with crisp lentil chips, rosehip chutney, cucumber and soy

DKK. 90.-

Nordic falafel with parsley and tarragon, marinated endive salad and spiced yoghurt

DKK. 80.-

Lunch platter with local specials – 3 small dishes

DKK. 125.-

Cheese & Graham’s Port

DKK. 130.-

A selection of local farm cheese, caramelized nuts and crisps
Served with honey direct from the honeycomb
and a glass of 10 years old Graham’s Tawny Port

Children's menu

12 pm - 4.30 pm

Fish cakes with Danish “Remoulade” sauce and rye bread + vegetables

DKK. 55.-

Pasta bolognese + vegetables

DKK. 55.-

Café & Orangery

Monday - friday from 5 pm

Evening offer

Enjoy your dinner in the Orangery:

1 dish 100
3 dishes 200