The Next Level

Big expansion of ARoS with new underground gallery and new masterpiece by American James Turrell.

The Next Level, developed in collaboration with Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, consists of several elements: an extension comprising a subterranean gallery space covering one thousand square metres and the gigantic work The Dome by James Turrell, fifteen metres high with a diameter of 40 metres plus an unimpeded view to the skies, will offer an international unique art experience suffused with great spiritual sensibility. The extension will be connected to the existing building by an entrance from level 3.

With the realisation of James Turrell’s spectacular The Dome, ARoS will advance both the museum and the city to ‘The Next Level’, emphasising once and for all Aarhus’ status as a great culture city,

James Turrell is already part of the ARoS´ collection with the light work Milkrun III

Another element in the project’s next phase is The Annual ARoS Pavilion, which will be located between the museum and The Dome. The plan is, each year, to construct a new non-permanent pavilion designed by some of the world’s most innovative architects. The Annual ARoS Pavilion will function as an interim recurring stage for different kinds of social interaction, talks, concerts, new exhibitions, and performances. It will provide a basis for new interesting collaborative projects between the city’s cultural institutions, associations, and grassroots. Moreover, there will be an opportunity to create a new urban space close to the museum and the surrounding institutions.

The next level is based upon an idea from former museum director Erlend Høyersten