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ARoS Focus/New Nordic: Jani Leinonen - School of Disobedience

ARoS Focus/New Nordic: Jani Leinonen - School of Disobedience


n the exhibition School of Disobedience, the Finnish artist Jani Leinonen (b. 1978) will be addressing the issue of how art can become a catalyst for political activism.


Århus Stiftstidende

Leinonen uses a classroom as the backdrop for a performance which questions the passivity that Leinonen believes to be a distinguishing factor of education. In another series of works, Leinonen uses increasingly recognisable elements such as popular slogans and brands, and he subjects mascots from global companies (e.g. Ronald McDonald) to kidnapping and beheading. Leinonen is formed by the ironic distance characterising the 90s. He is an activist acknowledging his own consumption. By making use of familiar visual expressions, Jani Leinonen is able to short-circuit the language of money. 

The exhibition is made in collaboration with Kiasma, Finlands National Galleri  Kiasma, Finlands National Galleri.

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