The ARoS Triennial 2020 is canceled

ARoS’ director Erlend G. Høyersten says:

”In September, it was disclosed in the budget agreement for the City of Aarhus that the ARoS Triennial 2020 will receive no funding. This means that we, rather unexpectedly, will have to cancel next year’s Triennial. As a consequence, there will be no art displays in the urban space nor in the Marselisborg forest during the summer months of 2020. It has been a difficult decision for ARoS to make and we remain hopeful that the Triennial will go ahead in 2023. 

Nevertheless, we plan to present a mega exhibition extending across two storeys in the museum entitled Mythologies – The Beginning and End of Civilizations. Based on Greek mythology, the exhibition explores narratives that contribute to the formation of society, presenting a wide selection of artworks by both classical and influential international artists, including Peter Paul Rubens, Pieter Brueghel the Younger, Lucas Cranach, Anri Sala, and Marguerite Humeau. One of the issues addressed by the exhibition will be: how do we create narratives capable of shaping communities.”

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Communications Officer

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